Following is a quick outline of more than 110 years of company history as ideal-line began in 1900 as a boat builder's yard. 

Motors for fishing boats

In 1908 a motor repair shop started as an indirect result of this yard, and for many years the company supplied small reliable motors for fishing boats.


Special machines for the industry

Johs Lassen came to ideal-line in 1957, and his primary focus was to develop these motors, but as the boat market grew, it became more and more difficult to sustain a small production of motors for boats.
Johs Lassen therefore decided to start a subdivision producing special machines for the industry. This meant that a wealth of special machines was produced for the next decades.


The first industrial finishing system

In 1961 a producer of gas cookers wanted a finishing line for powder coating. This was the first from ideal-line and the beginning of the modern company we know today.
Gunnar Lassen took over the management of the company after his father Johs Lassen in 1995. Johs was a part of the company until 2017



Still the leading company

ideal-line is still the leading finishing system company in Scandinavia. You can find our lines in all parts of the world.



Ideal Line and Aabo are joining forces

‚Äč‚ÄčIdeal-line and Aabo merge the companies in 2018. Both companies manufacture surface treatment equipment for industrial companies. Ideal-line is strong with large surface treatment system and where Aabo is strong in specialist equipment for surface treament.