Ideal Line and Aabo are joining forces and will become one of the largest suppliers of surface treatment equipment in Europe                                                                                                    

For many years, the desire for strengthening the organisation as well as growth and an increased share of the global market has been the main focal point of the two CEOs of the companies Ideal Line and E. Aabo Andersen in Faaborg and Svendborg located on southern Funen respectively.

Consequently, the two parties have now decided to merge the companies and utilise the synergy that is clear to both by joining forces. Both companies manufacture surface treatment equipment for industrial companies within most industries. Ideal's strength lies in supplying large surface treatment systems based on concepts with a high degree of self-production, while Aabo excels in the development of specialist equipment, much of which is purchased by sub-contractors. In the Scandinavian market, the two companies are in competition in some areas, while in the case of exports to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world they have been strong in different markets.

"As I had been considering the opportunities available to Ideal in a strong globalised market for a long period of time, a partnership was one of the options for strengthening our company. And as, in these considerations, I was aware that Claus Aabo had employed a new CEO, I thought that joining forces and creating a single, strong company was an obvious route to take. We had some good chats and quickly discovered that we both could see a great opportunity for future-proofing each of our companies, which are, of course, our lifeblood," states Ideal's CEO of many years and owner Gunnar Lassen.  

Meanwhile, in Svendborg, Claus Aabo Andersen is looking forward to the new constellation. "I employed Per R. Rasmussen as CEO in November. Gunnar called me the next day and asked if we should do something together. Things have been moving really quickly ever since. I have wanted to work with sales and development all along and I will continue to do so in the new constellation where I, as Key Account Manager, together with Gunnar as Sales Manager, will drive sales in the wider world. I am really looking forward to it".

Industri Udvikling and Christian Cordsen are investing in the new company, so it will comprise a total of four owners. The CEO of the new company and the new structure will be Per R. Rasmussen, who has extensive experience in creating synergy through M&A.

The goal of the new company is to continue building on the good results we achieved in the past through a strengthened organisation. At the same time, this will ensure significantly strengthened access to our customers worldwide.

There are a lot of exciting sales and growth opportunities in the pipeline at Ideal and Aabo," says CEO Per R. Rasmussen. "I look forward to leading the many interesting potentials and synergies that definitely arise when bringing together the many talented employees in a stronger and broader organization.

Christian Cordsen, who will be co-owner of the company has extensive knowledge of the market through, among other things, his time with Agramkow. "I see Aabo and Ideal as two exciting companies who, together, can create something even bigger and unique. I have great respect for the work Gunnar Lassen and Claus Aabo Andersen have done in their respective companies. I am looking forward to the cooperation," says Christian Cordsen.

Industri Udvikling's CEO Dan Højgaard Jensen has been the primary driving force behind getting the new constellation off the ground. "It has been a hectic couple of months, during which I have got a really good impression of the great chemistry between Gunnar Lassen and Claus Aabo Andersen. We are talking about two solid companies in which the great chemistry and superb dialogue has contributed greatly to getting Industri Udvikling together with Christian Cordsen to invest in the new company Ideal Aabo," says Dan Højgaard Jensen.


The news was shared today with the employees in Faaborg-Vester Åby and Svendborg respectively. They can look forward to the production and manufacture of surface treatment equipment to continue in both locations, and both brands being retained under the joint holding company.

Per R. Rasmussen

Svendborg, 7. Marts 2018