Application systems

Application is either with powder or liquid and those two types can be applied by spraying or dipping, electrostatic or tribo, it can be multi-layered, two component, combined powder and liquid etc. Contact us for details on the possibilities and best choices for your product or just what is most common to your industry.

We know the needs of the different industries and we are therefore able to guide you through the decision for application type. This might seem complex, but often the product or material calls for a certain type of application, paint and function. 

Decision making about detail options such as a specific type of powder paint e.g. a high flow, low gloss, high UV stability, good coverage of the corners can be difficult, but we at ideal-line – with our strong customer base, strong network of suppliers and more than 60 years of experience – can guide you.

We know the latest technologies in the surface treatment industry – that is why you should choose us as your supplier. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through and to manage a complete finishing line project.

Contact us for more information or just see who your contact person is in your country.


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