Power & free conveyor

A power and free conveyor system provides you with the highest level of flexibility.

We apply power and free conveyor systems for lines requiring one or more of the following functions:

  • High load capacity (0-6000 kg or very long items - typical 5-25 m in length)
  • Very high flexibility - more booth systems in the same line - more process etc.
  • Loading and unloading by hoist 

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Each wagon carries one or more products or product parts. The wagon runs in an open "free" profile, and on top of this is the chain profile, the "power" - hereof the name "Power and Free"

This system allows us to use the conveyor very similar to a railway track, which is the easiest way to describe the power and free system.

Each individual wagon can among other:
•    Be started and stopped independent of each other. 
•    Buffer products in a buffer before loading - application - ovens etc.
•    Each wagon can go in separate path / direction, and can obtain different processes
•    Be equipped with a number which the controller reads, giving the process and operator full information about the process it shall have - the process it got - time left - parts on wagon etc.


International contact information