Single conveyor

On a single conveyor the products are transported continuous through the line, without possibility to change track. 

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Application and use

The conveyor system works in all environments up to 250 oC


The products or product parts are hanged from the chain in suitable jigs; one or more driving units pulls them through the line. 

The number of driving units needed depends on the maximum load of the conveyor and the geometry of the overall line layout.

In order to compensate for heat expansion and wear the systems are equipped with pneumatic expansion units.


The chain has smooth-running wheels and runs in the c-profile. For each link in the chain a product or product part can be hanged or a fixture can be mounted. The profile can be turned with the opening upwards to avoid pollution of the products from the chain/rail. One or more driving units pulls the chain, they are constructed to transmit maximum power to the chain and give a minimum abrasion. 

The speed of the chain can be regulated stepless by means of a frequency inverter. A pneumatic tensioning device  keep the chain tense.


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