Cooling zones

Cooling of the products before application is essential in order to be able to control the thickness of the layer.

Too high temperature of the products, when painting, will create problems in the controlling of the layer thickness. Also the final quality of the paint can be affected, visually as well as functionally.

Furthermore the internal environment of a cooling zone is a benefit. In the winter it might be nice with some free heat from products to the room, but in the summer you want the heat taken out of the room.

Our cooling zone therefore very often comes in a version enabling you to decide either to return the circulated air to the room, or in the summer, to let it out of the building.

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Application and use

Cooling zones are used for lines in which the conveyor conveys the products continuously or stop-go.

The most usual applications are:

  • After drying oven, before application
  • After curing, before unloading


It is a circulation cooling zone. It means that air is circulated around the product at a high speed resulting in an effective cooling process; other fans will ensure a certain exchange of air in the cooling zones. This airflow is made as a reverse flow system.

Entrance / exit

The zones can be with doors, but most often with a plain opening.


The cooling zone is constructed of insulated sections and covered with powder coated cassettes or optional galvanized cassettes


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