Box ovens

This type of oven is typically used for manual lines or high capacity power and free lines. 

A special type of box ovens are the box ovens used in a crane operated system; here the products enters the oven vertically by cranes.

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Like the tunnel ovens, box ovens are convection ovens that ensure effective heat transference to the product.

The powerful fans distribute the heated air through ducts in the entire oven length. 

Our promise is a construction with a uniform and constant temperature within a few degrees. 


The products can be led into the oven by means of a conveyor system or on wagons, which are driven in. 
The bottom of the oven can be designed to fit these wagons.


Box ovens are normally used for manual lines or if the conveyor conveys the products stop-go automatically.


The ovens can be constructed with different types of doors. The number and design of the doors are adapted to the specific line.


The ovens can be provided with direct gas heating or indirect oil / gas / steam heating through an efficient heat exchanger. The ovens can also be provided with electrical heating.

Application and use

The most usual applications are:
• Drying oven after pretreatment
• Curing/drying oven for liquid paint
• Curing oven for powder coating


As standard the ovens are constructed of galvanized steel. As option, the inside construction parts can be produced totally or partly of mild or stainless steel. 


The sides of the oven are constructed to get the lowest possible heat transference from the inside to the outside.

The thickness of the mineral wool insulation is adapted to the requested maximum temperature. As standard all ovens are constructed for an operation temperature of 250º C.


The detachable steel cassettes on the outside of the oven make it easy to check and replace the insulation material. Service of the circulation and heating units is solely and unimpeded carried out from the outside of the oven.

We deliver a welded construction for the channels. Some customers with special needs to clean the ovens regularly want channels with easy access. In these cases ideal-line offers a unique and easy to use hinged channel front.


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