Pretreatment system

The pretreatment system performs cleaning, rinsing and preparation of the product surface. It is important for the product surface to be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, oils, and contaminants before entering the application process. 

How many stages and which chemicals should be used for this process depends on the product. The purpose of the pretreatment system is to prevent corrosion and increasing adhesion of the paint by treating the product with either alkaline/acid degreasing, iron phosphate, zinc phosphate etc.  

Find out what is the best solution for your product type. 


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The finishing system must be designed to fit the product for the optimal result and this we always make sure of. With a wide range of products this is also important. 

The final application is directly related to the quality of the pretreatment process and with our many years of experience in the surface treatment industry we know how many stages and which chemicals should be used to treat your product.  

We offer three different systems for the pretreatment process: tunnel pretreatment, chamber pretreatment and dip tank pretreatment.