Dip tank system 

Pretreatment system for large products, and also for productions with small quantities or limited space. 

If the geometry of the product, e.g. in the automotive industry, is complex and a spray system cannot reach all surfaces of the product, this type of pretreatment is the best choice.
The dip tank pretreatment design is customized on the basis of the product. We design the numbers and length of the process stages. Also temperatures and materials are taken into careful consideration. 

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Dip tank construction

The tanks are normally made of 2 mm stainless steel. A very strong steel construction with a cradle like function supports the sides of the tanks.


The heated tanks are insulated with 75 mm mineral wool and covered with powder painted cassettes on the outside; alternatively galvanised or plates unpainted.

For easy cleaning and emptying the tanks have a ball valve at the lowest point.

Process stages, pumps and circulation

Pumps and injectors in the tank circulate the liquid in every process stage. This gives high circulation with low kW consumption.

Reverse cascade system saves water

The rinse water is lead through the line in a reverse cascade rinse to minimize the consumption of rinse water. We never design a system with less than two rinse stages, often even three.

The design includes pre- and after rinse systems which are electronically controlled and ensure a minimal consumption of water, energy and chemicals.


Oil, gas, water, steam and electricity heating on customer request. Often it is decided on the basis of the availability, market price and chemicals.


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